Team & Facilitation

Time to focus on team performance?

Setting the direction for a team or an entire company might benefit from support from an external facilitator. KnowledgeDesign offers facilitation of team development and facilitation of larger programs for the entire company or a larger group of employees.

Over the years, we have worked with team development in a variety of contexts, and we have vast experience in designing relevant processes to any team situation.

What does it take to kick off a team?

  • A common understanding of purpose, objectives and success criteria
  • Code of conduct
  • Well-defined norms and culture
  • Clear-cut roles and responsibilities
  • An understanding of diversity
  • The manager's ability to motivate and set a direction

Examples of what we have done for other clients:

  • One-day workshop for management and nursing staff at a hospice. Focus was to inspire reference groups on how to participate in the planning of the design of a new hospice building
  • Evaluation workshop for project stakeholders in a project in the agricultural sector
  • Kick-off for project teams – multiple organizations
  • Project Planning Workshop for an international project team in a Swedish pharmaceutical company
  • Team workshop in the Compliance Department in a Danish pharmaceutical company
  • Program consisting of several workshops for project managers and team members,with a focus to improve cross-functional project work – the client is a subcontractor to the dairy industry
  • Multiple workshops introducing staff and sponsors to project work - the client is a municipality
  • Belbin workshop for project teams – multiple organizations

"Thank you for a lovely day today. You are a brilliant captain, who take us on exciting journeys. I am absolutely convinced that you will continue to take us to new exotic and exciting islands, which will enrich our future"

Department Manager
Private Union


We offer 3 types of courses and workshops:

  • Workshops on how to facilitate or lead a team (train-the-trainer)
  • Team workshops including team profiles like DISC, Belbin or MBTI
  • Large group facilitation


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